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About us:


Houman Pazouki

Since the age of 8, Houman Pazouki has been studing Art under the guidence of the well known Artist or Iran, Abbas Katouzian. He has been teaching Art in Iran for over 25 years.

During the past years, He has participated in several Exhibition in Iran, Asia, France & more than 18 Exhibition in  U.S.A and He now brings his talent to the Bay area.

His works can be found in a number of private collections around the World.

He is a full time artist that offer online classes & in-person classes.


Holleh Pazouki

was born in 1970 in Iran-Tehran.

She started Drawing since she was four; Was always fascinated with color took private oil painting lessons with a great Master Abbas Katouzian for few years.

After graduating from hight school moved to France, a year after moved to California.

She went to San Mateo College and took numerous workshops in different areas.

She is been traveling since a lot to Europe mainly France and had the opportunity to study with a lot of great Artists.

She likes to call herself an expressionist.For her Painting is not her hobby,Painting is her Life.

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